A passion for fly fishing, river adventure and meaningful conservation make Ten Mile Creek Ranch a prize.  Being just ten miles south of Lewiston, Idaho and 30 minutes from the airport, the feeling is still very remote and private but easily accessible.

This is a 3000 acre ranch with five miles of river frontage with great outdoor adventure and education.  The property was previously grazed heavily; therefore, we’ve created a registered Wildlife Plan to promote the return of natural vegetation and wildlife.  Big Horn Sheep, White Tail & Mule Deer, upland game birds and raptors are the most prominent wildlife.  We actually have the Big Horns on our front porch and decks at different times.  I sometimes think they are more curious about us than we of them.  The deer populations have rebounded since our ownership. The upland game include a nicely rebounding Chukar population with some Hungarian Partridge, Quail and Pheasants.

From the gate, you see above, our driveway is over 4 miles long and drops some 1500 feet in elevation as it falls to the Snake River where we’ve located our home.  This is one beautiful drive down Ten Mile Canyon.  All of our power is underground to preserve unobstructed views of the river delta.  Knowing we would not be year round residents at this time, we built a caretakers home at the top of the property where we have our gated entrance.  The Caretakers rent the home and provide security and services to the property. 

While some land disruption has occurred during the construction of homes, boat ramp, and roads, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that our main focus has been to enhance the habitat and improve the environment, and we’re confident we’ve met that objective.

All of our activities conform to our Wildlife Plan.  The Idaho Fish and Game personnel have been most helpful in creating this Plan and guiding our activity.  The Palouse Land Trust monitors our work activity.  We feel a responsibility to to the users of the river and the wildlife to make our intrusion on the river a successful and acceptable one.